WATERCOLOR: Tuesdays 10am -12 noon, October 28 to December 2, 2014, 6 weeks , $90 Michael Farrar Beginning students will develop fundamental knowledge of materials and techniques used in painting with transparent watercolor.  Subjects covered include still life and landscape. Newcomers learn basic techniques, use of color, value, & contrast (lost & found edges) and temperature and how establish depth and create an interesting painting. Intermediate students will develop an individual style using traditional and new techniques and tools.   A materials list is available upon registration. Basic supplies will be available to use the first day of class. Regular demonstrations and critiques will encourage and help you move ahead no matter what level of expertise.

OIL PAINTING:  Tuesdays, 2-4 pm, October 28 to December 2, 2014, 6 weeks , 6 weeks, $90, Michael Farrar
For beginners, this class will focus on the technical and expressive fundamentals of oil painting.  Beginning students will become familiar with oil paints, mediums, and paint handling.  Learn how to choose canvas, stretchers, prepare your surface. Explore color and brush selection and different techniques for exciting paintings. Experiment with techniques that will give different effects, and learn how to successfully design a painting. Intermediate and more advanced students can polish their skills and develop their own expressive style, regardless of subject matter. Regular demonstrations and critiques. Bring what you have on hand to first class; some materials will be available. Other materials may be purchased following the first class.  A materials list is available upon registration.
Thanksgiving Wreath Holloween Wreath

Traditional and Unconventional Wreaths:  Sunday, November 30, 1-4 pm, Free, Buddy Carter and Nancy Newhard

Wreaths can be used for the holidays–or not. They can be greenery based– or made from your favorite small collectible things. Wreaths do not even have to be round.  Buddy Carter and Nancy Newhard will demonstrate- and then help you create a wreath from both a traditional and more unusual items. This class is free but the 12″ wreath forms will be available for a nominal cost, and some basic tools will be provided, but please bring some of the things you might feel will be fun on a wreath. These might include  fresh clippings, artificial flowers, wool scarves ( need at least 60″ ones), old gloves, beads, old jewelry, ice skates, shells, key chains charms, ornaments, small toys, ribbon for bows– whatever you like to collect or discover at Salvation Army and Goodwill. We’ll work together to find a way to make the wreath yours.   Whether your taste is traditional or unconventional, we want you to have some fun and go home with a special creation.