WATERCOLOR: Tuesdays 10am -12 noon, August 26 to September 30, 6 weeks , $90 Michael Farrar Beginning students will develop fundamental knowledge of materials and techniques used in painting with transparent watercolor.  Subjects covered include still life and landscape. Newcomers learn basic techniques, use of color, value, & contrast (lost & found edges) and temperature and how establish depth and create an interesting painting. Intermediate students will develop an individual style using traditional and new techniques and tools.   A materials list is available upon registration. Basic supplies will be available to use the first day of class. Regular demonstrations and critiques will encourage and help you move ahead no matter what level of expertise.

OIL PAINTING:  Tuesdays, 2-4 pm,  August 26 to September 30, 6 weeks , 6 weeks, $90, Michael Farrar For beginners, this class will focus on the technical and expressive fundamentals of oil painting.  Beginning students will become familiar with oil paints, mediums, and paint handling.  Learn how to choose canvas, stretchers, prepare your surface. Explore color and brush selection and different techniques for exciting paintings. Experiment with techniques that will give different effects, and learn how to successfully design a painting. Intermediate and more advanced students can polish their skills and develop their own expressive style, regardless of subject matter. Regular demonstrations and critiques. Bring what you have on hand to first class; some materials will be available. Other materials may be purchased following the first class.  A materials list is available upon registration.
Painted PotsPAINTED POTS Saturday, August 9, 10am to 2pm, $25, Nancy Smith
In the heat of summer, here’s a garden that takes no weeding or watering. Join Nancy Smith as she leads us through painting a flower pot that can be used for anything from pencils to utensils- and maybe even as part of an indoor herb garden. These would make great holiday gifts! Ages 13 and up. Everything supplied.

Felted SoapFELTED SOAP: August 23, 2014 10:30AM – 12:30PM, Ages 16 & up, $25, Karen Shapcott.

Felted soap is a fun way to learn basic felting techniques. Wrap a bar of soap with wool roving in pretty colors and felting it to force the fibers together and you wind up with a sort of soap-and-wash-rag all in one.Felted soap is great for exfoliating the skin to keep it fresh looking and it looks pretty, too. Soap lasts long and so will your smiles. Felted Soap is great for stocking stuffers at Christmas, too. Material provided.  We are offering a second felted class in the afternoon and if you REGISTER FOR BOTH CLASSES AT THE SAME TIME, AND PAY ONLY $50.  Registration will close August 20, 2014.
Fuzzy PumpkinsFUZZY PUMPKINS: August 23, 2014 1:30PM – 4:30PM, Ages 16 & up, $30, Karen Shapcott.
What’s a FUZZY PUNKIN’?  Needle felting produces a fun soft pumpkin hand sized pumpkin from wool roving, perfect for all kinds of fall decorating project. You can add leaves, a stem and some viney tendrils or a face if you like, but Fuzzy Pumpkins never rot or get squashy like the live ones.  A great “make and take for fall holiday season and enjoy them through Thanksgiving—in fact they will last for years. Start from scratch—the more bumps the better! This dry felting method compresses wool fibers together through the use of a barbed needle. Examples can be seen at the AHACC. Students will learn basic needle felting techniques; all materials provided, but you’ll have to name your Fuzzy Pumpkin’ yourself!  MATERIALS PROVIDED.  We are offering a second felted class in the morning and if you REGISTER FOR BOTH CLASSES AT THE SAME TIME, AND PAY ONLY $50.  Registration will close August 20, 2014.
FELTED HANDBAG September 20, 2014, $75, Karen Shapcott
Starting with wool roving in beautiful colors of your choice, you can make a handsome felted purse in one day. Karen Shapcott will show you how select, position, and work the fibers together so they are firmly bonded with ample room for wallet, keys, and check book,- even a pocket for phone, keys, etc. Bring a bag lunch and plan to have some fun. Whether you make it a shoulder bag or hand held, you’ll get lots of compliments.