Paper Mache

PAPER MACHE:  Wednesday, July 30 and Friday, August 1, 10am to 12:30pm, $45, Kaarn Thomas

Enjoy the fun of making a three dimensional animal in paper mache. Your creations may be invented or based on actual animals, but either way you can transform a few simple materials- newspaper, glue and paint into a critter, almost by magic. . Min 3 students 

PAINTED POTS Saturday, August 9, 10am to 2pm, $25, Nancy Smith

In the heat of summer, here’s a garden that takes no weeding or watering. Join Nancy Smith as she leads us through painting a flower pot that can be used for anything from pencils to utensils- and maybe even as part of an indoor herb garden. These would make great holiday gifts! Ages 13 and up. Everything supplied.